Socal trip

So last weekend I went on a trip to socal on my own.  I was signed up for the socal super spartan race but I couldn’t find anyone to do it with so I said to heck with it I’m gonna try couchsurfing and ridesharing!  Get to meet new people and also make my trip as cheap as possible.  In the end it turned out to be one of the funnest weekends I’ve ever had and the fact that I went and did it all on my own made it that much more rewarding.

I went down to socal with this chinese dude who was visiting his girlfriend.  We had some interesting conversations about life, diet, and other stuff.  I dropped him off at anaheim and that was that.

I then met up with my host for couchsurfing in some no name city called Murietta.  One of the coolest/chillest guys I ever met.  I went with him and his friends to a bar that night and just chilled.  Made my first couchsurfing experience really comfortable and fun.  I then was able to sleep at his place for free.  What more can I ask for?  We had a bunch of conversations about music and also life in general, where we were and where we plan on going.

On my way back I carpooled with this girl going back to Santa Cruz for school.  It was so cool because we both had pretty much the same exact music taste so no arguments there!  I don’t think I’ve ever met a stranger who had such similar tastes.  Anyway had bunch of interesting convos too.  Made the ride back so much easier and fun.

Overall, it was one of the sickest and more memorable trips ever.  I’m definitely gonna do more ridesharing/couchsurfing and I’m so getting good at this travelling on my own thing.  Also, I’m so much more comfortable chilling with new people and open to meeting new peeps.  I like it 🙂

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