Spring Break

Just came back from a fun four day spring break in San Diego.  We got this amazing apartment overlooking the ocean.  Unfortunately the weather was not so great most of the time.  Besides eating too much and drinking too much here are some things I found during the trip:

1) running barefoot, shirtless on the beach with the sun is amazing!  I did this one morning when everyone was still asleep.  The sense of freedom and happiness is unlike anything else.

2) I kind of got over my fear of heights.  So our apartment was 8 stories high and had a nice balcony.  At first I was hesitant to be near the edge.  By the end of the trip though I was comfortably hanging my legs off the edge.

3) My tolerance for cold is so much better now.  I think it’s the cold showers I’ve been doing.  Whereas most people were freezing I had no trouble going into the cold ocean.  Such a great feeling too.

4) Some people will just never appreciate good music 🙂

5) It seems to me that most everyone is so motivated to make a lot of money.  That’s what a bunch of our conversations revolved around. For me though, for some reason money is usually the last motivation for me.  I have no motivation to be rich or to own a big house or a boat.

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