Parkour Jam

So I went to my first parkour jam today in San Jose.  Before I’ve just been going to beginner lessons.  Here are some of my thoughts from my day out:

1) Everyone is so strong/skilled.  It was very humbling.  Pretty much everyone I met were just really damn skilled and I was really surprised at the amount of talent they displayed.  And not just talent but strength as well.  A lot of people were doing muscle ups like they’ve been doing it their whole life.  I tried and only caused massive damage to my hands :P.  I definitely have to get much stronger.

2) There is a joy in just going from place to place doing your thing.  It’s so fun just going around a city like San Jose and finding random places to do parkour.  We started at a parking lot then went to a city playground then a school playground then in front of city hall then on college campus then on college dormitories.  I love it!  All the while doing some cool parkour moves.

3) I still suck at certain social situations.  I could definitely tell today.  I’m a lot better in meeting new people but I still suck at meeting large groups of people.  Especially groups of people who already know each other.  I feel like I definitely stiffened up.  Blech.

4) Parkour vs. Movnat.  So I enjoyed the whole experience today with parkour but I have to say that I am definitely more attracted to Movnat’s philosophies.  I feel like too much of parkour is showing off and a lot of the movements are just done to be cool rather than actually being the most efficient way of moving.  Movnat on the other hand is all about efficient movement for practicality.  There are no flips or hand stands in movnat simply because when are such things actually practical?  Yes, they are a cool feat of strength and skill but movnat to me is more pure.  Having said that, parkour and movnat have a lot of striking similarities.  I’m sure everyone that was in today’s jam would have no trouble doing movnat things.

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