Today a coworker gave me one of the better compliments I’ve ever had.  He said that I always seem happy and that I was one of the happiest people he knew.  I was kind of surprised at the compliment but it also made me feel good.  I don’t think I usually express my emotions outwardly very much which was why I surprised at the comment but I’ll take it  :P.

But it is very true.  Lately I’ve been on a super high.  I feel as if I’ve finally gotten a hold of my life again.  I’ve become passionate about so many different things.  I’ve come to some realizations about life.  I am no longer afraid of things I used to be afraid of.  I’m less afraid of failure.  I’m less afraid of myself.  I’m less afraid of death.  I’m not standing still.  I want to explore and explore and keep on trying new things till I die.

Having said that, there is still so much to learn.  I’m still trying to figure myself out.  What do I really love?  What do I really want out of this life?  I think about this kind of shit a lot.  I wonder if there is a time when I will have it all figured out.  Or maybe that’s just an illusion.  Maybe everyone goes through life trying to figure it all out until their last words.

I’m fine with that.  Actually I think I prefer it like that.  I think it’s ok to be confused as long as you’re enjoying the ride.  Like they all say, it’s about the journey, not the destination :).

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