So at the end of last year I wrote a list of 50 things I want to do. You can find it here: http://talekhi.net/eitherway.org/blog/. I was just looking at it today and I can give you an update on the things I’ve accomplished:

  1. Run a marathon – Boom, did it last week…
  2. Climb a mountain – I climbed Mount Whitney, tallest mountain in the contiguous states, hooah!
  3. Learn how to rock climb – I’ve been rock climbing since February and love it
  4. Do the 100 things challenge – Did it and feel awesome about it. I don’t necessarily count all my possession anymore since it’s not the number that really matters but the idea. All my belongings can fit in my car now 🙂
  5. Become a teacher – I’ve sort of been working this with my MovNat certified trainer status. I’ve been teaching it for free to any who would like to learn 🙂
  6. Learn parkour – Been going to a bunch of jams this year and been meeting some crazy insane people. Love it.
  7. Cliff Jumping – cliff jumping, rock jumping, same thing right? Blue Streak ftw.

7 out of 50 in the span of eight months…not too shabby right?

I’ve been talking to friends recently about goals in life and stuff like that and I watched that Conan O’Brien graduation speech he gave in Dartmouth. And I came to the realization that we as people change and with that change our goals in life change as well, and that’s not a bad thing. I know for the longest time all I ever wanted to be was the best software engineer I could be. That was my life goal, my main motivation. Now, that’s like the last thing on my mind.

Some people may say that I just go through fads and whatnot but I actually do enjoy the process of changing. Change in terms of personality, outlook of life, motivation, anything and everything. It makes me feel like I’m growing through this life in a dynamic and interesting way, not just a static being. I’d like to think that I would be unrecognizeable to myself a year from now.

Let’s see, last August, yes, I can say I’m quite different from the Joshua Primero from a year ago. I’m much calmer now, more mindful, more open to things, and obviously in way better shape 🙂

So having said that here’s a list of some near future goals I wrote for myself in no particular order:

  1. Meet more people (girls!)
  2. Learn more about fitness/nutrition
  3. Travel/couchsurf
  4. Find new places to explore
  5. Become better at MovNat, Parkour, rockclimbing, and soccer
  6. Keep on teaching MovNat and figure out what I want to do with it in the future
  7. Read a book a week
  8. Blog everyday
  9. Sleep early, wake up early
  10. Learn to meditate
  11. Get outta the tech industry
  12. Learn Jiu Jitsu
  13. Learn guitar
  14. Pay off those fucking student loans
  15. Stop being online so freaking much

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