My Left

So I think I’ve realized one of my biggest weaknesses in terms of physical abilities: right side of my body is way better than everything than my left. I’ve always known this but after wednesday’s soccer game where most of my play was getting destroyed because I had to use my left foot I’ve decided it’s time to fix this. It is almost ridiculous how much better I am with my right side. And as they say you are only as strong as your weakest side.

So these days, I’m making a conscious effort to do everything with my left side. I’m practicing writing with my left hand, driving with my left hand, doing THAT with my left hand, etc. etc. 😀

It’s actually a very funny feeling trying to do all these things with my weak side, kind of like learning how to do everything again. I’ve kind of been inspired by this video where this really old dude keeps his mind in shape by doing a lot of challenging motor and eye skills. It also makes my time at work more interesting. Rather than just going on facebook when I’m compiling I practice juggling or writing with my left hand.

I would like to get close to being ambidextrous.

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