So I’ve started meditation recently. I’ve been really interested in stress management recently and have been reading a bunch of books on it and one thing that kept popping up was meditation as a way to release stress. I’ve always thought before that meditation was just this weird activity people did but after reading some things about it I found that there is a lot of scientific evidence for it’s benefits.

So past few weeks I’ve been practicing meditation. Essentially what it is is focusing on one word or object without letting your mind wander off into different thoughts. If that occurs, just brush aside what you were thinking. And you’re supposed to have a passive attitude towards it all.

It’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds cause I find myself just thinking about random things. It’s surprising how fast and easily your mind gets clogged with random thoughts.

I’ve found the benefits to me to be tremendous though. I can get by with less sleep and feel more energetic. My thinking is more clear. I am able to control my calmness so much more now as well. I am also much more aware of my mindfulness. I found it very similar to smoking in that I am totally relaxed after it and happy but without the drug side effects 🙂

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