Tagalog, Music, and Self-Expression

New project for the next few months: learn tagalog! I’ve been saying this for like that past two years but now I’m committed to doing it. I just started going to this learn tagalog website and start doing the lessons. I think it’s about time I finally start learning my own native language. I should be able to go through all the lessons faster than someone totally new to it because I actually understand the language. I don’t need to translate most words to english to understand what’s going on.

I was gonna start trying to learn another language but in the end I think I should learn filipino before anything else. It would be cool to speak it again. Plus, I’m planning on going down to the phillipines perhaps later in January.

This is also a part of my quest to train my brain so that it doesn’t languish. I’ve been practicing my left hand writing and also doing various movement skills, and now learning a language. All of these help build new neural pathways. That, plus it’s super fun to learn new things again. That’s one thing I want to make sure I do for the rest of my life: never stop learning/growing.

I’m also trying to expand my music listening as well again. I’ve kind of been stuck in all of the old songs I’ve been listening to in the past 6 years. Time to expand! Check out this song:¬†http://youtu.be/-JFO7Wb-p2A. Something totally new but fucking amazing. Supposedly music in northern mali is being banned. I can’t imagine how in today’s modern society, something as universal and¬†intrinsically¬†human as music can be banned. That is downright evil in my opinion: the suppression of human expression. I can’t think of anything worse than that.

I believe that self-expression could quite possibly be the most important thing in life. Why else are we in this world? If you think about it strictly on the basis of evolutionary terms, by fully expressing yourself you are most helping the human species by exposing to the world what makes you who you are genetically. And by doing this, you allow nature to determine how competitive you are in this world. But forget evolution, we all know intrinsically that self-expression is profoundly human.

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