Too much food…

Oh man I just ate so much food. Coming back from a pretty fun MovNat workshop today I was kind of hungry. So I ate a pound of grassfed (obviously) beef, 6 sweet potatoes, 4 eggs, and a whole package of kale and now my stomach is about to explode! Will definitely need some time to digest all this food before I sleep. It is definitely the most healthy thing I’ve eaten this whole past week.

The MovNat workshop I gave today went fairly well. A lot of people I tried to get to come couldn’t make it but I still had a healthy five new people come today. I think I’m getting better at articulating ideas although I can tell I’m still sort of awkward in some of the descriptions I give. But more practice will make me better 🙂

So I think I’ve been thinking too much about what I should write on this blog instead of just writing stuff that is already in my head. Must stop doing that. Point of this anyway is to just get any thoughts I have into writing. Why? Maybe to practice articulating thoughts and also it’s interesting to see what’s in my mind instead of coming up with some artificial topic to always talk about.

So for the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about technology and it’s role in society/humanity. Getting into the whole paleo/natural lifestyle had me very disillusioned about tech, maybe I still am. There are several problems I have with technology. One is that everyone seems to have this implicit idea that technology can save us from anything. Instead of curing diseases from their root cause I feel like we’re just using tech to fix the symptoms. So much tech today is created to fix a problem created by tech in the first place.

Also I feel like technology in the end serves to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. The weird thing though is that these do not equal happiness. In fact, I find more happiness when I am more inconvenienced and more uncomfortable. Or maybe I’m just weird but I’ve found freedom when I don’t have a cellphone on to bother me all the time.

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