I was driving to my friend’s place today in a sort of stressed mood. I had a long day at work and there were just different things on my mind. I was trying to get out of that stressed mood but just couldn’t. I couldn’t seem to relax myself like usual. Then I found the trick: focus on the present. Forget all the things that are clogging my mind and be mindful of my surroundings and the things I can sense with my senses. I then saw the beautiful mountains and the beautiful colors of the sky and I was automatically at peace again.

I think in today’s modern life we have so much shit going on in our heads that we are rarely ever mindful of what is actually going on around us in the real world anymore. It doesn’t help when you are a programmer working in a virtual world for most of the day. But this is something I want to really work on: the idea of being always mindful. It makes life so much more interesting, indeed life isn’t the stuff that occurs in our heads it’s the experience we live through every single present moment. And being aware of that I think is very important.

I’ve also realized that although this is something I have become aware of it still needs practice to do. I’ve been pretty much mindless for most of my life I think and so it takes practice to really be mindful if I want my brain to readjust to this new way of thinking.

I think Buddha or some other enlightened dude after many days of contemplation found that the source of human suffering was due to our attention. Where we place our attention can make all the difference between happiness and unhappiness. We can either keep our attention on bad memories or stressful things or we can shift it to the reality of the present.


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