Mornings and Vani’s book

I need to do something more useful in my mornings. The first few hours of the day are when I have the most will power and when my mind is freshest. Lately I’ve been meditating right when I get up but then after that I just get in the car and go right to work. I think I should be doing the most difficult tasks in the morning. For me, that would be learning tagalog. Maybe start learning tagalog in the morning?

I also need to stop being online on the computer when I don’t need to. From now on I think I’m gonna be doing all my computer related needed stuff during the work day when I have to be on the computer anyway. After work, I’ll do my best to stay off the computer. It’s just such a waste of time.

So I’ve been reading my little sister’s book and although it started off slow it’s actually starting to become interesting now. I would say though that a lot of what’s going on seems kind of unrealistic and the main character is kind of a depressed bummer always overanalyzing every situation it seems. But I’m kind of curious how Ivana will develop this character. I have to say I couldn’t write what she did when I was her age. Hell, I dunno if I could do anything like that today lol.

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