facebook and time

I have a couple of new ideas. I’ve found myself recently getting sucked in by the internet again and wasting time checking facebook, and surfing the web, but really mostly facebook. I just have to check it like every so often when I’m stuck with nothing to do. It’s just my first reaction but not one that I’d like to continue as a habit. So I uninstalled facebook from my phone today. I think at some point I want to get rid of the smartphone overall. I really don’t think it adds too much value to my life besides giving some convenience. I’d like a downgrade please 🙂

Also, I’ve been thinking that my life is so tied to the current time. Why is it? Do I really need to eat food around 12pm or can I just eat when I feel hungry. The idea of absolute time consumes a lot of my mind space I found. As in I am always trying to find what the current time is and adjust my behavior based on this information. Why should it be like that? So I wanna try and be as less reliant on the clock time as possible. Wake up with the sun, sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry, etc. etc.

Obviously we are in a modern world and hitting deadlines and stuff is just a thing of reality. But I’d like to be much more less reliant on it in my everyday habits. Absolute time really in the end doesn’t matter anyway right? It’s one’s experience during that time. Some people lead amazing short lives which may feel like an eternity of joy whereas some people lead long, boring lives where not much is experienced. Time really in the end doesn’t matter. Well, let me restate: Time in the end should not be the end goal.

That said, it’s time for me to get off the internet and living life!

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