Things to work on

It’s come to my attention recently that I absolutely suck at doing goodbyes after any kind of social interaction. They always seem to end very awkwardly unless the other person knows what they’re doing and takes over the say goodbye part. So new thing to work on: getting the goodbyes to be less awkward.

Part of the problem I think is that I am still insecure about the whole touching other people thing: handshakes, hugs, whatever, it’s still something my head is always hesitant about. So another new thing to work on: be more comfortable with touching.

Looks like this blog entry is gonna be about things I need to work on. Here’s another one: be more open to expressing my feelings. I still find it often that I keep things inside instead of freely expressing what I feel. This stems I think because of a fear of rejection or being judged. Yes, it does feel safer keeping those emotions in, it prevents me from growing as I believe growing in the end is about becoming less afraid and more free in this life.

So fuck you rejection, I’m not afraid of you!

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