First Review!

So I’ve recently undergone a mission to read atleast one book a week. It’s something I want to do to learn more about the world. I know I’m missing out on so much when I don’t try and actively seek out information/advice from others. I’ve also just become so interested in so many things recently and I’ve also become way more proactive in just doing stuff.

So the first book I read was Defining Decade which was about the transition between being in your 20’s to becoming 30. I won’t bother you with a review here because I wrote one on Amazon!

I think I’m going to be writing these reviews from now on. Writing things on such a public forum will be a first for me and hopefully I get better but it also helps me absorb the material as I have to really think about what I read before posting a review online.

Next book I’m currently reading is The Flinch, which is about overcoming that thing inside you that scares you from doing the things you really want to do. I also have other books on Stress and Body Language which I’m interested in reading. I’m excited!

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