I voted for the first time today! Something I should have been able to say 4 years ago especially since I was in Pennsylvania then. I’ve been pretty uninformed about the current election period which isn’t very good. But based on the few things I hear I’m voting for Obama. Not that it’s exactly gonna matter considering I’m from California.

I’m also becoming more convinced that income inequality is one of the root causes of the decline of health in America. I just read this really interesting book on stress and the science shows with little doubt that income inequality is a source of health degradation in a society. In poorer places with less income inequality, health and happiness is always greater. So the author says if you want to be healthy and live a long life make sure you have rich and successful parents because it is the #1 indicator of your future health. Kind of depressing right?

With this in mind, I’m definitely leaning more leftish now in terms of governments role in social and economic issues.

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