Just read “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” and it’s inspired me to be a little more deliberate with deciding what I want to get good at and also not wasting time doing useless shit. I want to be much more aware of trying to get better at something rather than just doing something a lot of times with the hope that I get better at some point. The point is I need to get out of my comfort zone in order to make progress. That is, whether we’re talking about physical or mental activity, there is gonna be some inherent reluctance to trying to go beyond. But I have to break that.

I’ve already kind of started doing this. First with the reading a book a week and then writing a review of the book. Writing for me has always been a monumental mental activity cause I suck at articulating my thoughts into words. But I hope that by going through this mental challenge that I’ll get better at it in the end. It also forces me to rethink and think a lot more about what I just read instead of just forgetting about it all after reading.

With rock climbing, I’m going to start trying to take more lessons and get evaluated by instructors to see where I can improve on. For the past few months I’ve just been doing my own thing and although I have gotten better, I’d like to get better faster. I wanna be a fucking bad ass rock climber.

With MovNat, I’m going to start being more strict about practicing and practicing and practicing especially the fundamentals which I am weakest at. That is, balancing, jumping, and crawling. I’m also gonna be more active with the Parkour community. Here, I think it’s just practice practice practice.

With teaching MovNat, I’m thinking maybe I should like try becoming an actual fitness trainer part time. I definitely am not getting enough exposure in practicing teaching fitness and it’s something that I’d like to be able to do well. And it’s always hard to do it with friends because teaching friends is sometimes awkward. Will have to look at this one.

In terms of programming, I think with joining this startup I’m going to start to really study different languages and web technologies. Maybe even contribute to some open source projects maybe. If I can find the time somehow…

In terms of music, I really wanna get good at piano and singing and then if possible, guitar on the side. I’m gonna try and start working on different songs which I’m not so familiar with and more uncomfortable with. I’ve been playing the same songs for the past 8 some yearsish haha I should start trying something different.

In terms of being more social, I’d say this is definitely the thing I need most work and practice on. I think for this I’m going to try and get into a difficult social situation every day. This scares the shit out of me but hey that’s the fun part. If it scares me then I know it’s out of my comfort zone.

These are the things I want to focus on I think. There’s so much more that I’m working on but these should be my focus haha. I mean fuck it, I just want to be fucking good at everything…and healthy and happy while I’m at it. I think the main thing is not to waste time cause I waste so much fucking time all the time. I don’t consider relaxing or chilling to be wasting time but the time I spend on Facebook and surfing the web aimlessly, that’s a freaking waste.

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