2DO list

So I read this book about goals or things people have in their life so I decided to make a quick little list of 50 things I’d want to accomplish in my life. I think it is very unlikely that I will ever get through all of these and some are in fact very very difficult but it’s good to have ambitious goals ;) . So without further ado, my current life 2DO list:
1) Climb Half Dome – should be able to do this next year

2) Run a marathon – also very doable. I can run 12 miles pretty easily these days. Just gotta double it now.

3) Do the Eco Primal Quest – one of the most ridiculous challenges I’ve seen. It’s a 6 day event. I’ll definitely be needing a few years before I try this one.

4) World’s Toughest Mudder – I was so close to doing this this year through the wild card but in the end I just didn’t have enough time to train for it.  Next year for sure though ;)

5) Skydiving License – Still want to get this.  Only thing stopping me right now is the cost.

6) Live in another country for a year or more – Always wanted to try this as I think it’d be so cool to learn and live in a different culture.

7) Travel to a remote country on my own – There is something very thrilling about going to a place on your own and letting go of all the securities and safety net of your home.  I experienced this a little bit in India.  I’d like try on my own this time.

8) Do the weeklong MovNat course next year in Virgina – I thought MovNat was so cool in my one day workshop.  I’d like to definitely learn more.

9) Start a restaurant/food truck – This was always something in the back of my mind as something I’d like to do someday.

10) Climb a mountain – Preferably something badass like Everest but maybe something easier at first.

11) Learn a new language – lol yeah, this is a very recent addition to my list of things.  Weird, cause I never would have cared to learn a new language in the past.

12) Get involved in politics – Like I said some things on this list are very very difficult.  But it would be cool if I could help society someway as a politician.  Who knows?

13) Learn how to cook – Yeah, another thing that’s been on my list for a while.

14) Learn how to dance – Yes, I wish I could dance without looking like a dufus.  One of these days…

15) Learn how to rock climb – Very doable and will be working on it next few weeks actually.

16) *** * ******** *** ** * **** - Secret!

17) Get a bartending license – I think it’d be cool to be able to whip out any kind of drink that people ask for if you have the right ingredients.  It’s also a pretty universal job which you can find anywhere in the world.

18) Go/learn free diving – I’ve never been a big water guy but I’d like to get better.

19) Do the 100 things challenge – Can I get rid of as much of my belongings as possible so that I only have 100 possessions?  I think itd be an interesting challenge.  There is so much in my apartment that I rarely use if ever that I could just get rid of it.

20) Learn the guitar – Always wanted to, always blamed lack of time.  Should get on that…

21) Become a teacher - Another thing that I’ve always seen myself doing as I grew up.  I love teaching and would also like to get better at it.

22) Play Piano Man in a bar – A dream of mine since high school where I was first introduced to Billy Joel.  I can play it alright on the piano but can I sing it well?  i dunno bout that…

23) Start a band – Always wanted to be part of a band and I’ve been in a few although they never really went anywhere.

24) Learn how to swim – I suck at swimming.

25) Sell artwork – I’ve always considered myself a good artist since I was young.  How true that is today compared to the massive talent of artists my age I probably suck.  But I’d like to get better at it to the point that I might be able to sell one.  That would be so cool.

26) Learn parkour – Actually just went to my first workshop today and it was super fun.  I’d like to be really good at it.  I DO PARKOUR!

27) Visit every continent – Travelling is fun.

28) Make a movie – Always wanted to make a movie.  But of what, I have no idea.  Science Fiction?

29) Make a video game - Another thing I did when I was young was draw video game levels.  I’d like to make some game at some point that I could sell on say android or iphone.

30) *** ** ****** you know it!

31) Get arrested – lol, I dunno.  I think I just wanna see what it’s like to get arrested.  Call me crazy.

32) **** *** **** * ******** – Secret!

33) Do an ultramarathon - 50-100 miles of running is no joke.

34) Get Married - yes, obviously something I want to do in my life at some point.

35) Have kids – yup yups

36) Learn how to mountain bike - Never been before but I think it’d be cool to learn.

37) Live in the Phillipines for some time – Learn about my heritage and roots would be awesome.  And also enjoy the lovely weather/scenery.

38) Learn how to pilot an airplane – Just another useful skill

39) Get really good at soccer - Ok, I’ve been making slight progress at this but it’s been mostly just because I’ve been getting in better shape instead of getting more skillful.

40) *** **** **** ** ** – Another secret one!

41) Work in a fast food chain for a week - I’ve always been kind of curious what the work in a McDonalds was like

42) Visit outer space – who says we can’t dream big?

43) ****** ********** **** **** ****** - hmmm…

44) BASE Jumping - well this would have to come after I get skydiving license.

45) Get a tattoo of something meaningful – but of what I don’t know…

46) Get a college degree in something else – Knowing about stuff other than just computers would be nice.

47) Cliff Jumping – Fun!

48) Feed a homeless person – When I was a kid I guess I always saw myself trying to feed a homeless person when I had the money.  Now that I have money I pretty much ignore them usually just like everyone else does.  I’d like to change that.

49) Crowd surfing in a concert – I’ve been to so many concerts this past year but still no crowd surfing.  One of these days…

50) Write a song – I’ve dabbled slightly in the past with song writing but never really got anything concrete.

What’s on your list of Life 2DOs?

Bunch of things…

Le tiring weekend…

Saw an acapella concert in Santa Cruz on friday which got me to want to join a choir or start a band again.

On Saturday, I went for a San Francisco day adventure. I bought this pretty cool book called Stairways in San Francisco which has a bunch of walks throughout SF which goes through a bunch of really cool stairways. So early Saturday morning I packed up my 28 lb bag, took the caltrain, and went for a nice hike throughout the streets of San Francisco. I found some really really cool secret places in SF with great views of the bay. It was so cool! The book had a bunch of interesting historical facts about random things you see in your walk. I’m hoping to be able to do the rest of 20 some stairway walks at some point. Exploring cities is so cool!

Later that day then I took a visit to OccupySF. I will say the place was actually a bit messier than when I was last there. There was a lot of food like bread on the floor and stuff. Tbh, I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable sleeping there anymore. I did join them though for the march against housing foreclosures though through SF.

Today I then went to a whole day workshop of Movnat. I just heard about this recently from a friend and after watching a bunch of videos about it I decided to check it out.

It was actually really cool! So Movnat is basically a philosophy in emphasizing the natural movements of the human body. So we did a bunch of balancing (which I sucked at), jumping/landing, climbing (which I sucked at), rolling, crawling, running, and carrying and throwing rocks! We even played a game of tag! Omg, when was the last time I ever played tag. Greatest game ever. Why do we stop playing these games when we get older? I did get a lot from the workshop though and I know I’ll be using a lot of what I learned and working on it. I definitely need to work on balance and upper body strength still (big surprise).

So for some reason I’m like so motivated to learn new things these days. I don’t know what’s up with me. New things that entered my already long list of things: kayaking, free diving, filipino stick fighting, and a new language (which one should I learn?). This joins my list of: parkour, crossfit, movnat, soccer, rock climbing, running, hiking, paleo diet, economics, and chess (and this is only stuff I’m currently into). I went to the bookstore the other day and I was like interested in reading and learning about all this new stuff.

So I’ve been doing Paleo for about 2 or more months now and I have to say I’ve felt a lot of changes. The main difference I think is that my energy level throughout a day is so stable now. There are no more after meal crashes. No big ups and downs in energy levels. I’ve also become way less dependent on food as in I can go on for a long time without eating and still be very functional and even active. This has been so liberating. I’ve also gotten stronger and lost fat but main thing for me is the energy level stuff.

I also got haircut today! Super short, and no more orange hairs :( . My lola though likes the new haircut better lol. She thinks it makes me look cleaner and less shaggy lol. It is weird looking in the mirror and not seeing my orange hair anymore. So sad…

Book Reports :)

So, I’ve started reading recently which is a big deal for me because I never liked reading ever. Besides like a few things like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Watchmen, and poker and chess books I don’t read things for fun. But combined with that fact that there’s no internet at home (it’s been like 2 months now) and I’ve become interested in a bunch of new things I have started reading. Main things I’ve been reading so far have been about running, paleo diet, and economics. This past weekend I actually finished two books on economics. Josh finishing two books on a weekend! And for his own pleasure! This is unheard of! lol…

Anyway, I found the economic books very interesting. As I’ve said I’ve wanted to learn more about economics recently in light of all the occupy stuff. So I got two books from the library. One with a very left/liberal viewpoint and the other written by Ron Paul. It was really interesting to see how both sides differ vastly in how they view the economy. Whereas the liberal book (Economics Unmasked: From Power and Greed to Compassion and the Common Good) sought to delegitimize the Austrian economic values of Von Hayek, Ron Paul in his book (End the Fed) pretty much worshipped them on an altar.

Being the uber liberal I am, I was very biased towards the liberal books viewpoint although I did agree with many things Ron Paul argued in his book including his main argument that the Federal Reserve as it currently stands should be abolished (I’m not sure about the going back to gold thing though).

The premise of “Economics Unmasked” is that the neoliberal economic policies of the past few decades are all based on faulty thinking which in the end cost us all the troubles we see today. Some of that faulty thinking includes: belief that market has endless possibilities for growth (resources are finite so how is this possible?), belief that human behavior can be modeled by simple mathematical models (humans are irrational and complex), belief that competition is the only way to make progress as a society (what about cooperation?), belief that economics is an “exact” science like physics devoid of emotion (the basis of economics is on human behavior which is anything but devoid of emotion). The authors raised questions as in what is purpose of economics which was interesting. They raised ridiculous things that got me thinking. For example, in 2008 a world food organization (i forget the name of it) said that more than a billion people were suffering from hunger and that we would need 30 billion dollars in order to change this. A few months later, banks got bailed out to the tune of more than 1 trillion dollars in total. How many years of hunger could have been spared with that kind of money?

In “End the Fed” Ron Paul argues that it is the Federal Reserve and its operation which is the cause of all the recessions and economic troubles in the past century. And I do agree at some points about this. The fact that the Federal Reserve is half private (in that it doesn’t need to disclose what it is doing) and half public (in that it is sanctioned by the government) gives it the worst of both worlds I think. I’m not sure though whether going back to a gold standard is the best thing though. For it’s part, there hasn’t been a depression since the Great depression. But I think there should definitely be way more transparency. The fact that the Fed can print unlimited sums of money and distribute it to whoever they want without needing to tell anyone seems insane. How did something like that ever get approved? What I disagree with Ron Paul though is his belief that the free market can pretty much solve any economic problem. As the other book argues, the free market philosophy assumes that endless growth is possible when in fact it is not. As a result we’ve seen devastating losses in the environment in the past years. And also, this fight for deregulation by conservatives only in the end kills competition instead of creating competition which is what the free market is based on in the first place.

Anyway, I will need to do more reading on all this stuff. I find this stuff on economics very interesting.

Turkey Trot

Who woke up at 6am this morning to run 6.2 miles with a 27 pound backpack? This guy. Yeah, I did the turkey trot in san jose. Last year I had done the 5k so this year I decided to step it up it up a bit and go for the 10k. It didn’t go too bad except my shoulders were dying in the end of the race. I was running with it for about an hour and twenty minutes, so I think I did around 12 minutes miles. For goruck though I will have to end up wearing a similar backpack for many more hours and many more miles.

After the race I had a very very lazy day consisting of eating a bunch of thanksgiving food and then lying on the couch watching episodes of NCIS and Leverage with the family and then also obviously the standard annoying the cousins by throwing pillows at them while they are watching tv.

No real set plans yet for the rest of the weekend. I just need some sleep. Last night I couldn’t sleep until like 2am so I only got like 4 hours of sleep. hmmm…

Ranty ranty

Goddammit. Just had a soccer game with the chinese team and we just lost by 1 point. Such a bad mood. We played a very physical team today and I don’t know, my team is just not very physical. So when we get pushed around we never fight back. It pisses me off so much. There’s like no fire in us. When we’re down by 1 we don’t rush to get the ball in play, we’re just ok with losing the game. God, such a pain in the ass. Now I don’t want to generalize too much, there are some players on our team that want to win badly but the rest of the team is just like I’ll just play footsie-wootsie. I mean if you don’t have skill then you don’t have skill but for godsake give it your hardest while you’re out there. Maybe it’s cause I’m from a background where sports was a huge deal in high school but so pissy right now. I don’t know. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ok that’s all for my soccer rant for the day. Oh yeah I also broke my glasses today during the soccer game BECAUSE I was playing hard. ok, enough…

So remember how i said I had one of the harder crossfit WOD earlier. Well this morning I had the hardest one yet. It was ridonculous. This is it:
5 Rounds for time of:
Run 250 meter’s
10 Deadlift’s @ 225#’s
10 Ring Dips
10 KB Swings @ 2 pood
10 Push Ups to an elevated position….start on the floor, push up to a about an 8 inch target (hands jump up), then go back to the start
10 Pull Ups
After the first round I was like, fuck, 4 more rounds. But like I said before, you’re there with other peeps and you just dig deep and push through it all. It was really good for me cause this kind of workout really worked out upper body which is still very clearly the thing I need to work on most. By the end of it I could barely drive back to work cause it was so difficult to move my arms.

Ok enough of physical activity, let’s talk of politics. I haven’t gone to occupy for a while now but I’ve still been following them closely. I’ve just been too busy with things recently. But I think this weekend I can go and support again. I believe in the things occupy stands for very passionately. And for those that say occupy does not have a very strong message I don’t believe this is true at all. If you go to a rally or talk to the people in occupy it is very clear that they want to fight the current economy which encourages income disparity and corporatism due to deregulation, corporate personhood (how the hell did this become law?), and corporate lobbying in our government. The more I learn and read into it, I’m becoming more and more convinced that just following this corporatism in the end leads to the commodifying of everything, including humans. The point of any corporation in the end is to make money. The fact that we are a nation of human beings is completely lost. What the hell is wall street doing? They don’t manufacture ANYTHING, they don’t create ANY value for society, and yet they have ALL the money. I promise myself that I will never work for a wall street company no matter how much money they can offer. And then what is up with all these crackdowns of occupy camps? From what I remember about the United States, with my horrible U.S. history knowledge, we were a country founded on the idea of protest. The protest of common people so fuck you “$200 per vote” Bloomberg for saying that “they dont know whats wrong…it’s not their job to solve the problems…”. But anyway, I don’t need to talk about the UC Davis dealio…gah…

Man, I am very very ranty today. Ok, let’s talk about something else. I saw that there were openings for NASA astronauts and I’m very close to the minimum requirements to apply. The only things I fall short on are years of experience (I still need one more year) and also they want people who have perfect vision, if you get laser eye surgery that’s fine. Otherwise I think I fit okay. I’m an engineer with the right height, I’m a U.S. citizen and I think I’m fairly healthy. It would be nice to have some flight experience (doesn’t skydiving count? :P ). Oh and I also would need to learn russian. How cool would that be though? To be a freaking astronaut. Every kid’s dream right? Cause to be honest sitting in front of a computer every day all day is starting to get pretty old for me. Problem is I really like my job, I’m starting to get fairly big responsibilities in the tegra team, and I get paid pretty damn well. The pay though is just seconday to me to be honest. I don’t think I would mind getting paid less if I could say work outside and not on my ass all day but then that would mean less travelling which sucks. Anyway, I’m just keeping options wide open.

Ok, time to go home I think. And need to get some food!


Ah, why hello there blog. Again long time no see. I can’t really recall what I’ve been up to all this week. I’ve just been busy busy.

Last week parents and Ivana left. It was really good seeing them. I’m hoping to see the whole fambam in december though! That’s right planning on going home! It’s been like a year and a half now since I’ve been home in PA. I don’t think I’ll be ready for the snow or the cold there. It’s middle of November here and I’m still wearing shorts!

Last friday night I got majorly wasted again. It’s been a while and I don’t like getting that trashed too too often especially with new diet but it was Ankhur’s bday so naturally we had celebrate it in the only way possible: shots, shots, shots! It’s been a while since I drank that much so I forget how you should prolly wait a couple of minutes after each shot. That night I obviously drank way beyond my limit cause all I remember now is dancing and then next thing I know, I’m claiming a trashcan in the street and puking, and then waking up in D’s apartment with a lovely hangover. Fun night :)

Next day, we played epic matches of ping pong. omg, i forget how fun ping pong is. I was the absolute champion back in my middle school years but I’ve dabbled here and there in high school and college. I seemed to have gotten back that old back hand touch again and naturally we won most of the games :) .

I’ve also started carrying a bag with a bunch of bricks (around 25lb) in it to start training for goruck. I did a 7 mile run with them the other day and then yesterday I hiked up mission peak with the backpack on. The hike wasn’t bad at all but the run hurts your back cause the sharp edges of the brick keep on banging on your back. I think I need to put a towel or something to prevent that.

I’m still practicing on parkour. I’ve been working on rolls so far. It was difficult at first because it feels rather unnatural to jump into hard ground with your shoulder but after a few days of working on it I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’m hoping to make that beginner’s class in sfparkour in december and not miss it again like i did last week :/.

Crossfit is still going well. Some of the WOD are damn fucking insane though, while others not so much. The hardest one so far that I’ve done is this:
With a 2 minute running clock…..30 seconds off for 7 rounds of:
Perform 10 front Squats @ 155
max Burpees
During that workout there were times where I was just like screw it I’m gonna stop but then the fact that everyone is doing it makes you push harder. It’s amazing how other people can motivate you to finish these workouts.

Anyway, better go. ttyl!


So I’ve been thinking recently about what motivates me to do the things I’ve become interested in recently. Things like all these obstacle course races, exploring cities on my own, parkour, running, dying my hair orange, and trying crazy shit. Raffy always says that it’s for the attention. I’ve thought of that and there is I guess some semblance of true to that. I do enjoy attention in certain ways but I don’t think it’s my main motivation for all these to be honest.

So I was showering the other day and it kind of struck me what it was that has been my main motivation for all these and something I guess that’s explained a lot of my behavior throughout my life. Overall, I think it is a yearning to be free. To be free from ideologies and institutions. To be free from my own inhibitions and fears. To be free from my current physical and psychological limits. When I realized all this, I was just like, “wow, it all makes sense.”

I always hated bedtimes and set schedules. I hate giving too much order to things. I much rather value freedom and flexibility. I feel like I constrict myself too much if I give myself set rules. Instead of following rules placed upon me I’d rather that these rules just came about because it makes sense naturally. For example, I’d much rather sleep early because it feels right rather than sleep early because it’s part of my schedule (something I’m actually working on ;) .

I think another thing I’ve been subconsciously doing forever is trying to free myself from worrying about the perceptions of me by other people. It’s part of the reason why I seem like I don’t care about what the hell I’m wearing. I just don’t want to be constricted by what other people think. If I look like an idiot, that’s cool with me, I’m not gonna worry about it or atleast I will try not to worry about it ;) .

When I go out to explore cities I love just going out on my own anywhere and everywhere. I hate to be restricted to only doing things with friends. Why not do things on my own?

These days I’m really into getting into awesome shape. I think the main motivation there is to be able to get past my own current physical limits and be able to just go out and explore the world with no boundaries. Parkour looks so awesome for this reason. And just running outside on trails just gives me this whole free feeling like I can go wherever.

So yeah, I dunno if I’ve ever made this realization about myself before but thinking about all these things about my personality, things I value, and the decisions I’ve made in the past it all makes sense if I put it in the context of trying to get less restricted or exploring new things. I want to be free!

Concert update

Ah, I forgot to update my concert list with Foster the People. Here it is then:
1. deadmau5

2. Muse

3. Coldplay

4. Passion Pit

5. Foster the People

6. Fitz and the Tantrums

7. The Shins

8. Eminem

9. Guster

10. Roger Water’s The Wall

11. U2

12. Railroad Revival Tour: Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

13. State Radio

14. Green Day

15. Linkin Park

16. Goo Goo Dolls

17. Umphrey’s Mcgee

So I think I’m gonna take a break from concerts for a little bit. My ears have incurred enough permanent damage for the time being so I think a little rest might do it some good. I haven’t seen any too interesting bands come up anyway. Also, I’d like to save money for some more traveling :) .


So I have a new interest that I’ve started looking into. Parkour! For some reason I’m like getting really obsessed with all these sports/athletic activities. Like I said in last blog, I just started crossfit. So I’m thinking of doing that 3-5 times a week. Add into that my weekly squash game and my twice a week soccer games. And then also my weekly long trail runs and weekly long lunge walks. And then I’m thinking of starting rock climbing next week. And now trying this parkour stuff.

I just love doing all this athletic and competitive stuff. I feel like I’m rediscovering one side of me that I’ve neglected for a long time. Back when I was a kid my mum enrolled me to so many different activities. I must thank her for being such an awesome mom and being active about getting our butts and doing things instead of just letting us stay home and watch tv. I did Tae Kwon Do like a religion but I don’t think I ever really super enjoyed it. But what it did give was a really strong foundation to being fit I think. I also obviously did soccer and basketball. Then also dabbled in tennis, baseball, golf, swimming (which I still suck at). Actually playing these sports back in the day give me some of my best memories from childhood.

In middle school in nyc, I would be psyched to play sports every single day. That would be soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring. I loved it, except for that softball stuff. I found that softball required a lot of brute strength, something which has never been a strength of mine. I was one of those more super fast skinny kids.

Then in high school I sort of got more enthralled playing video games and doing stuff on my computer. Although I was still in fairly good shape in high school. I played on the soccer team, the squash team, did indoor track one year (hated it), and the tennis team.

And then in college, yeah…the time I gained around 40ish pounds lol. My 5th year in an attempt to lose weight I actually joined one of the club teams in college. After two practices though I found that I was just way too out of shape to be able to do the conditioning that they were doing.

So now I so want to get into tip-top shape. I might’ve lost a few years down there in college and stuff but I’m still young and I’d love to get back into an athletic mind again. I just love the thrill and competition of sports and challenges which seem impossible at first.


Why hello there blog. Long time no see. I’d say it’s been like a week now since my last blog. I’ve just been busy with a bunch of things recently so haven’t really had any time to write about stuff. Well, now I’m at work waiting for some testing to get finished so I’ll give you an update of recent life stuff. Funsies!

So on Sunday I did the warrior dash again with a friend. 3.5 mile run with obstacles. I thought I’d have some fun so I did the whole thing with just my short shorts on. Needless to say, there are some very interesting pics to come out of that one! In the end I did the whole thing in 32 some minutes finishing 455 out of 5660 people. Top 10% but considering that most of the people there were out of shape I’m pretty dissappointed. I definitely could have gotten a much better time if I tried harder. I want to qualify for the World’s Toughest Mudder and for that I’d need to be in the top 5% of finishers for Tough Mudder. So yeah, I have a long ways to go.

In preparation for Tough Mudder and the Goruck challenge I’ve started in a crossfit gym this week. I just finished the on-ramp training classes today where they teach you all the basic movements and man do I really need to work on my fundamentals. Squats I have down pretty well but dead lift, sumo deadlift high pull, cleans, presses, push press, jerk all need a lot of work. The trainers though are amazing and they really know their shit. I’m looking forward to starting an actual crossfit class now that the on-ramp classes are done.

I’ve also been reading a bit recently. I’ve read Born to Run and Paleo Solution so far, both really good books. Born to Run just makes me want to run miles and miles. And Paleo solution gives an interesting science behind nutrition and lifestyle choices. Next book I think I want to read is something to do with economics. I’ve become kind of interested in economics since all this Occupy stuff has been going on so I want to brush up my fundamentals on how economies work and specifically how the American economy works. I think I’ll start going to the Santa Clara library for this stuff. I decided I don’t need to keep on buying shit if I can just get some things for free.

Haven’t been doing too much occupying lately though. Although I’ve been following those huge Occupy Oakland protests which is pretty awesome.

Last week I went to my 3rd deadmau5 concert within a few months and again, it was INSANE. This time it wasn’t part of a music festival so I saw the whole deadmau5 show and it was just unbelievable. The light show and the music. Undescribable how sick the whole thing is.

Ok, I think it’s time to go home now. Later!